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Santa Fe College
Community Education Classes

Here are the course descriptions for SFC Community Education classes offered at Ethnic Dance Expressions School of Belly Dance in Gainesville, FL. We are located in Plaza West at 4000 W. Newberry Road in Suite D-2. Turn in at Mega Comics and Gaming store.

Summer 2023 Classes

Yoga for Relaxation will be offered in-person during the Summer 2023 session. Be sure to register early to guarantee you will find a place in the class. For more information about SFC Community Education classes. SFC classes are in person!

Belly Dancing for Art & Exercise with Sallamah Chimera:

Have fun and get into shape as you study the ancient art of belly dancing. This primer class will get you started on an adventure. You will learn the verbiage, proper posture, common movements and musscle isolations. The dance movements will give you a freat low impact workout and the isolations will help you tone your body. You'll strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture aw well a lift your spirits as you learn to dance your way into good health.

Belly Dancing for Everyone with Sallamah Chimera:

Belly Dancing is a fun and creative way to get physical and offers a wonderful low-impact aerobic workout for women of all ages, shape and abilities. Belly dancing works your core muscles, tones, improves flexibility and helps reduce stress. It will get you moving and in touch with your inner self as you shimmy your way into shape. (It doesn't take much space. Make sure there are no lamps or furniture in the way.)

Mystical Belly Dancing with Sallamah Chimera:

Come shimmy into shape and unlock the ancient mysteries of belly dancing. Belly Dancing is a traditional Middle Eastern dance that provides cardiovascular activity and enjoyment for women of all ages and shapes. It helps you strengthen core muscles, burn calories, gain flexibility and have fun while you explore the exotic dance and music of another culture. Be prepared for an energetic class that will lift your spirits. Play with finger cymbals and veils as you shimmy and sway your body into better health. No experience is necessary. Learn basic Belly Dance technique, isolations and combinations in an easy dance routine. Register Now!

Meets once a week on Tuesday for six weeks from 6:30-7:30 pm. Wear form fitting, comfortable clothing. Socks, ballet slippers, or bare feet recommended. Veils and finger cymbals provided.

Yoga for Relaxation with Sandra Angelou:

Understand yogic practices and concepts to build total health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Learn yoga postures, breathing, values in life and diet. Register Now!

Meets on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:00 am. Bring mats.

Red Hot Mamas Belly Dance with Sallamah Chimera:

Belly Dance is not only a beautiful, mesmerizing art form that anyone can do, it is an excellent form of exercise for women of all ages. Belly dancing helps you embrace this time of life and empowers you to celebrate your curves. You will develop a greater body awareness and improve your self esteem. Students learn basic movements for the Art of Belly Dance such as belly rolls, shimmies, and drops. We will put the moves together in an easy to learn, short routine by the end of the 6 weeks. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Meets Tuesday night from 7:30-8:30 PM. Wear form fitting but comfortable clothing. Socks, ballet slippers or bare feet. Veils and finger cymbals are provided.


Are you interested in teaching a class for SFC? Contact Jennifer Mullis, Coordinator for Community Education at or call 352-395-5236. I will work with you to help get your class going at Ethnic Dance Expressions School of Belly Dance.

SFC Belly Dance & Yoga Classes offered at
Ethnic Dance Expressions

Summer 2023 Classes

Yoga for Relaxation
9:30-11:00 am HEA0030.2B3

Winter Yoga for Relaxation begins April 5 HEA0030.1R3